Valencia Preseason test – Day 1

Valencia Preseason test – Day 1

October 15, 2019

Session 1:
Oliver Rowland – P4 – 1:16.246
Sebastien Buemi – P5 – 1:16.297

Session 2:
Sebastien Buemi – P6 – 1:15.882
Oliver Rowland – P7 – 1.15.942


Mike Carcamo – Nissan global motorsports director
“Season six, first day of testing in Valencia has been a very positive day for us. I can remember a year ago having a lot of nerves and anxiety about our first runs, but having a full year under our belt, the team has a lot more confidence.
“That confidence translated into strong running from 9:00 am this morning, right up until 5:00 pm. We were able to get a lot of work done and really focus on the car development.
“I think both drivers came back with really positive feedback on the powertrain development. As everyone knows, we went through a very difficult and compressed schedule to get our season six powertrain on track.
“Making sure the team had the maximum development time was our primary goal, and the team was able to simply get down to the business of maximizing our package both for speed and energy consumption.”

Sebastien Buemi – Nissan e.dams Driver No. 23
“It’s been a good day. At the end, we were out there full the whole day. It was the first day back in the new car. I’ve been really happy with how the day went today.
“We had good reliability and a lot of data to analyze. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, but it was a pleasure to be back and see how we stack up against the competition. Let’s cross our fingers we can continue to do a good job.”

Oliver Rowland – Nissan e.dams Driver No. 22
“It was a pretty good first day. Everything ran pretty smoothly. We got a good feeling with the new car. It was great to work with the team again and be with the rest of the cars on track.
“I think in general it was a pretty positive day. The pace seems okay, but there’s a lot of things we can still improve, we’ll be looking for that over the next few days of testing. Looking forward to getting back on track tomorrow. “

Olivier Driot – Nissan e.dams Team Principal
“It was a really encouraging first day back on track for the team. It’s no secret that we’ve gone through a lot of changes on the car in the off season, particularly with the powertrain, and to have it perform as reliably as it did the first day out was a great start. It was even better that both Seb and Ollie were quick.
“But, we still have two days of testing and there will be more changes as we go along. We want to make sure this car and this powertrain are as reliable and fast as we can possibly be going into the first race of the year. We proved at the end of last year we were a force to be reckoned with, and this year we want to really fight for the championship and for more race wins.”