Formula E

Nissan Formula E Team survey reveals majority of young people excited by the future of electric mobility

July 11, 2024

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The Department of Futures lining up with Tommaso Volpe, Sacha Fenestraz, Oliver Rowland, Nissan staff and a Nissan Formula E car

Squad releases tongue-in-cheek ‘Department of Futures’ campaign as new study proves children’s desire for environmentally-friendly vehicles

Nissan Formula E Team has released a global study, alongside OnePoll, demonstrating the desire of young people for a future featuring electric mobility. The survey was conducted among 6,000 participants, aged between 8 and 16 across Brazil, Italy, Japan, Mexico, UK and US.


The data fits with Nissan Formula E Team’s latest marketing campaign, ‘Department of Futures’. The playful video, which is being released both on the Nismo and Nissan global social media channels, depicts a group of bright 7-10-year-olds challenging the team’s drivers  Oliver Rowland and Sacha Fenestraz, as well as Team Principal Tommaso Volpe, on the future of electric vehicles.


More than half of the survey’s recipients say they want to drive electric cars to help save the environment, and 68% claim they consider fighting climate change as important. This matches with the squad’s campaign, which shows the next generation holding key Nissan Formula E Team members to account, ensuring the marque keeps its promises. Those targets include Nissan’s Ambition 2030 pledge, and the introduction of 27 new electrified vehicles by the end of the decade.

Oliver Rowland leans against a workbench in the Nissan Formula E Team factory, while a Department of Futures member, a girl with a ponytail stares at him while drinking from a Nissan branded mug

The campaign shows that Nissan, as a global vehicle manufacturer, is committed to its goals of ensuring young people can access the electrified future they desire, as outlined in the survey. With almost half of the respondents confused about the meaning of being ‘eco-friendly’ and only 30% saying they currently are kind to the environment, Nissan also has a responsibility as a pioneer in electrification to educate the next generation, leading the way in developing electric technologies through its Formula E program.


Tommaso Volpe, managing director and team principal: “We realize the importance of providing the next generation with the tools to continue fighting climate change through electric mobility. The survey proves the desire of young people to help the environment through their choice of vehicles, so we know at Nissan Formula E Team that we have to continue developing important technologies. The ‘Department of Futures’ members know their stuff about electrification, and it’s our goal to make sure we help them enjoy a greener, better future.”


The ’Department of Futures’ video is available to watch here.