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Nissan and NISMO announce 2022 Super GT GT500 class driver lineup

January 25, 2022

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Nissan 2022 Super GT GT500 class driver lineup

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Nissan Motorsports International Co., Ltd. (NISMO) announced the driver lineups for Nissan teams in the 2022 Super GT GT500 class.

“This season, we have assembled a driver lineup that can win at any time,” said NISMO President and CEO Takao Katagiri. “We expect Bertrand Baguette, who joined TEAM IMPUL this season, to drive passionately matched to the team."

“Jiro Shimada and Takeshi Nakajima have been appointed team principal of NDDP RACING and NISMO respectively. Although new to their positions, we have full confidence in them due to their deep knowledge of and experience in racing.”

Katagiri continued: “The debut season for the Nissan Z GT500 is about to start and development of the new vehicle for the opening round is reaching its final stages.”

A motorsports fan event will be held online on Feb. 20 with team principals and drivers of the Nissan SUPER GT GT500 teams attending. Details will be announced at a later date.

“Under the new team structures, we will unite our efforts and do our best in every race, always aiming for victory. We thank all our fans and partners for their continued support,” said Katagiri.

Tsugio Matsuda
#23-1 Tsugio Matsuda

Ronnie Quintarelli
#23-2 Ronnie Quintarelli

Daiki Sasaki
#24-1 Daiki Sasaki

Kohei Hirate
#24-2 Kohei Hirate

Katsumasa Chiyo
#3-1 Katsumasa Chiyo

Mitsunori Takaboshi
#3-2 Mitsunori Takaboshi

Kazuki Hiramine
#12-1 Kazuki Hiramine

Bertrand Baguette
#12-2 Bertrand Baguette