Environmental Approach, Priorities, and Objectives

Nissan Formula E Team is a young and energetic racing company, based in Viry-Chatillon, France, whose focus is participation in the FIA Formula E World Championship.


Nissan Formula E Team boasts a pioneering status in electric mobility, further leveraging its concern for environmental impact and enabling its role as a catalyst for continual improvement of environmental performance in the motorsport world.


Nissan Formula E Team uses its Environmental Management System to mitigate its impacts on the environment, especially with regards to waste management, carbon emissions and energy management, as well as education for teams on environmental responsibility and the need for compliance with current laws and regulations


Nissan Formula E Team’s position as an experienced leader in EV technology has led it to set the following objectives for consistent environmental management:


●      Formalise a company-wide approach to integrated environmental management, according to FIA Environmental Management Accreditation requirements

●      Adopt circular economy concepts and efficient use of resources in all company activities, from the design to operations

●      Nurture an environmental culture in the team, partners, sponsors, and suppliers

●      Ensure progress towards carbon neutrality


These objectives demonstrate accountability from Nissan Formula E Team, a deep understanding of consumer and fan expectations as well as an ambition to showcase exemplary performance in all aspects of Formula E racing.


The company seeks to exceed itself every season, including in its environmental performance. This ambition is underpinned by the adoption of continual improvement principles in its performance. 


This policy is communicated within our organisation and is available to external interested parties. 


This policy is reviewed periodically to ensure that it continues to respond to the existing business context and contributes to the achievement of the organisation’s environmental ambitions.





Tommaso Volpe

Managing Director, Nissan Formula E Team

November 2023