Valencia Preseason test – Day 2

Valencia Preseason test – Day 2

October 16, 2019

Session 3:
Oliver Rowland – P4 – 1:15.444
Sebastien Buemi – P11 – 1:15.777

Session 4:
Sebastien Buemi – P8 – 1:15.825
Oliver Rowland – P10 – 1:15.972


Mike Carcamo – Nissan global motorsports director
“Today was another really productive day for our Nissan e.dams team. Yesterday, we wanted to prove that our updated single motor powertrain system was just as quick and reliable as last year’s powertrain, and we went out and did that. While today, we focused on putting together an entire race run.
“We’re really happy with how the car performed over the course of the entire race simulation. There are always little things to work on with setup and getting the most out of every piece of the car, but the updated machine performed beautifully.
“Tomorrow with the day off we’ll go over all of the data from the last two days and really nail down a setup that works for Oli and Seb so they can extract the most pace from the car in the final day of testing and into the start of season six.”

Sebastien Buemi – Nissan e.dams Driver No. 23
“Today we mainly focused on race simulations, which we did with all the teams here today, just to practice the new regulations. It worked very well and I’m happy with what I’ve seen so far from that simulation. On pure quali pace, it’s been a bit of a challenge today.
“Now we have a day off, which is very welcome so that we can try and analyze everything and get ready for Friday. This is the last day of testing before Riyadh, so it’s quite important for us. I’m quite happy with what I saw today. I think it was really positive.”

Oliver Rowland – Nissan e.dams Driver No. 22
“Pretty good second day. The times were really close this morning, so pace over one lap seems quite positive. Race pace seemed quite good also. I’m pretty happy in general. We had some stuff to improve in the afternoon and we learned a lot. I think everything is working well and I’m happy overall.
“Today we were trying different setups and really just maximizing all of our different systems. We’ve got a bit of work to do on them, but we know what we’re doing and it’s really just fine tuning. We started off with a really good baseline. Obviously, everyone is at a very high level and the times are super fast, so we just have to make sure everything is working well for the first race.”

Gregory Driot – Nissan e.dams Team Principal
“I think we have to be pleased with how today went. Everyone on the team was happy with the race pace during the simulations and I think we have a really good starting point to fine tune the cars for race one in about a month.
“We have one more day here with all the other teams to really tweak the cars. Luckily, the changes we’ll have to make are quite small and with the team coming to grips with the new car, should not be very difficult for us.”