Electrifying the streets, with ARIYA Single Sneaker

This unique sneaker design draws inspiration from Nissan’s all-electric ARIYA Single Seater Concept car. A first of its kind, this open road shoe is woven with an innovative reflective fabric, providing enhanced durability. Featuring an engraved solid platinum Nissan emblem for added flex. An air-cushioned heel gives you the power to soar with grace.

Embedded within the sole is Nissan’s Wheel Deployment Technology for a smooth transition between track to road. Stay illuminated, with front and rear lights for visibility and enhanced safety, whilst the autonomous self-lacing moulds to your foot and aerodynamic blades provide 360 degree stability. 

A sneaker so exclusive, you only need one. 

For an effortless glide, the ARIYA Single Sneaker will transport you to an electric world and allow you to Feel Electric with every other step.